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Bounder was bred by and is co-owned with Judith M. Russell, Karnovanda Kennels, Reg. and is co-owned and resides with
Maryl Foster, Tokima Kennels.
Bounder is dam of Multi-BIS/Multi-BISS
Ch. Karnovanda's North By Northwest "Rushmore."

OFA: SH-15018G72F-PI CERF: SH-7646/2003-72

Ch. Karnovanda's Sevastian Ch. Huskavarna's Donatello Ch. Ranoria's Imp Of Perverse
Kontoki's Wakeup Little Susie
Karnovanda's Beatrix Groznyi Ch. Karnovanda Padington Bear
Ch. Karnovanda's Wahachee Fox
Ch. Wildestar's Witchcraft Ch. Karnovanda's Ezekiel Ch. Karnovanda Born On The Fourth
Karnovanda's Madalyn Groznyi
Ch. Wildestar's Wildefire Ch. Pole-Land's Regulus W.O.W.
Ch. Gilpak's Wildefire